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The FAG MOUNTING MANAGER is a convenient aid for selecting the correct bearing mounting. It provides the following options:

  • displaying different mechanical and hydraulic procedures
  • calculating the necessary data for mounting
  • providing useful mounting tips
  • generating a list of the necessary tools and accessories

The instructions for the MOUNTING MANAGER, the various topic-relevant publications, the FAQ, all include more information on bearing mounting/dismantling.
FAG Mounting Manager
Start calculation
Select your bearing and the type of bearing seat. Depending on the mounting procedure, the Mounting Manager calculates the exact data for:
  • axial sliding distance of the bearing that is to be mounted
  • the weight of the necessary radial internal clearance reduction, which can be used for the fit tightness achieved. The measurement of the remaining radial clearance is taken with feeler gauges.

Start calculation
User's guide to the Mounting Manager

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